Youth Group

The Sacred Heart Youth Group encourages high school students to celebrate their faith through worship, service, educational activities, pilgrimages, and fellowship.

Youth Group is an opportunity for all high school students from Sacred Heart and the 5 supporting parishes to participate in Faith, Fun and Food. Once a month activities are planned that are centered on our faith.  The goal of the youth group is to provide high school students the opportunity to interact with other students and to deepen their faith. Students are encouraged to attend as much as they can but they are not obligated to attend every month. A form is available at Sacred Heart for students who are interested in youth group. This waiver releases Sacred Heart and its chaperones from any accidental injury that might occur and also asks for a suggested donation of $10 to offset the costs of the youth group activities. Past activities included playing Jingo at the Falls City Healthcare Community, serving at the Matt Talbot kitchen, Christmas exchange, Adoration, movie nights and games. The Youth Group is sponsored by Father David Oldham, Mrs. Angela Simon and Mrs. Christina Wertenberger.

2021-2022 SCHEDULE

Saturday, August 26 – Freshman Encounter

Sunday, October 3 – Life Chain, Group Meeting

Tuesday, November 23 – Group Meeting

Wednesday, December 15 – Group Meeting

Wednesday, January 19 – Group Meeting

Wednesday, April 6 – Group Meeting