School Council

Sacred Heart Catholic School has a vibrant advisory council with members from all of our supporting parishes.  The School Council meets regularly and advises the Pastors and Administrators of the school on important topics and programs that ensures the benefits of Catholic education for our youth.


Sacred Heart School Council Members

Sts. Peter and Paul – Falls City

  • Al Tramp – President
  • Kent and Sue Bieker
  • Dan Gruber
  • Luke¬† and Celeste Jones
  • Joan and Scott Magdanz
  • Dave and Laurie Nachtigal

St. Mary’s – Arago

  • Jennifer Keller

Immaculate Conception – Rulo

  • Mike and Cheri Frederick
  • Dina Sells

St. Mary’s – Dawson

  • Judy Parrish

St. Anne’s – Shubert

  • AJ and Jessica Ahern


  • TBA

Non-Catholic Families

  • Rachel Witt
  • Tim Kirkendall