Student Council

Sacred Heart again sent a group of eleven students to attend CLASS Leadership training in Humboldt on Wednesday, October 25. Students reported on the three projects they’re working on to help improve our school’s culture. These projects are: Showing Appreciation to our volunteers and staff–Motivational Mondays–and Elementary Mentoring. Students discussed some of the positive and negative influnces of peer pressure in our school, and made a pledge to cut back on their use of “gadgets” such as phones, social media, texting, watching TV and videos. Nate Finck is shown helping Joe coles as they were moderators during one of the discussions.

Jake Hoy, Nate Finck, Ahren Ebel, Claire Niemeyer, Tyler Witt, Sara Wertenberger, Joe Bieker, Abby Fiegener, Bob Hermesch, Teresa Morehead, and Evi Schock attended CLASS Leadership training in Humboldt on September 6. Joe Coles, a nationally known motivational speaker and trainer, worked with students from Sacred Heart, HTRS, Pawnee City, Lewiston, and Falls City Public School, on skills such as how to make a good first impression, how to be intentional, how to be appreciative, and how to work harder at achieving a goal. Students were challenged to go back to their schools and help improve their school culture. They’ll be meeting again in October and February.

Student Council – Sponsor- Mary Barker

President - Bob Hermesch
Vice President - Abby Fiegener
Secretary - Ciara Catlin
Treasurer - Tyler Witt
Student Council also includes the President and 
Vice President of each class.
Seniors - Nate Finck and Maddie Huppert
Juniors - Chloe Schock and Teresa Morehead
Sophomores - Claire Niemeyer and Evi Schock
Freshman - Del Casteel and Jack Fiegener

Student Council is responsible for the following events:

*Homecoming- Themes are picked and approved by sponsor for dress up days during homecoming week.  Student Council is responsible for the All School Mass, dance, decorating and music. Student Council Officers Parents are asked to chaperone and help with clean-up.  Students and parents will also be asked to help with the taco feed and provide ingredients used.  A hot dog feed for the students will be a part of the week and Student Council Members are asked to bring chips and cookies. Students will also organize Class Skits and games on Game Day.

*Blood Drive- Students publicize and help organize the drive by making phone calls to the public, passing out posters, and calling the radio station, TV station, and newspaper.  Students will be asked to help provide cookies for canteen and work the day of the drive.

*During the year, Student Council will complete one special project, the Christmas Adopt a Family Project, gather coats to donate for the Coat Drive, and provide breakfast during testing week.

*Career Day will be held in February this year. Students will sign up to listen to speakers and find information about different careers and vocations during the school day.

*This year, Student Council members and other class leaders will be attending Leadership Training called CLASS Leadership for 3 days in Humboldt.