Dress Code

Sacred Heart School School Uniform/Dress Code Policy for Grades K-12

School uniforms may be purchased from any store unless specifically noted in this policy. Dennis Uniform, JCPenney, Old Navy, Children’s Place, and Target all carry a selection of items that meet the specifics of the Sacred Heart Uniform and Dress Code. Locally, Thea’s Gift and Thrift and Yesterday’s Closet carry a good selection of gently-used items. There is also a Facebook group called “Falls City Sacred Heart Used Uniform Sale/Exchange“ with numerous items from individual sellers.
• Navy blue or khaki shorts or slacks may be worn.
• The hemline of shorts must hit fingertip length or longer.
• Elastic waistbands are allowed for navy or khaki pants or shorts.
• Black jeans with pockets may be worn. No faded, stone-washed, tattered/torn, jeweled or cargo jeans/pants are allowed. Jeans that have faded due to extended wear should be replaced.
• For grades 5-12, belts must be worn if slacks, jeans, shorts have belt loops.
• Navy blue, khaki, or Belair Plaid (specifically Dennis Uniform brand) may be worn.
• The hemline must hit fingertip length or longer.
• In addition to Dennis Uniform jumper, French Toast brand jumpers are also allowed.
• Shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers.
• Navy blue, green, red, or white long or short-sleeved collared shirts are allowed.
• Shirts must be tucked in.
• Collared uniform shirts must be worn under sweatshirts.
• Shirts should have NO visible logo.
• Long-sleeved shirts may be worn under short-sleeved shirts. They must be plain white, black, or gray.
• Navy blue, red, or green crewneck pullovers may be purchased from Dennis (style #6530).
• Navy blue or red cardigans (style #6300 Dennis Uniform brand) or French Toast brand may be worn.
• Green crewneck sweatshirts with Sacred Heart emblem may be purchased from Dennis Uniform.
• Other Sacred Heart sweatshirts are allowed, including hoodies.. These must be solid green, gray, white, or black, and should include a Sacred Heart emblem. Tie-dyed, camo, stonewashed, State Tournament sweatshirts NOT SOLD by Sacred Heart, etc. , should be worn on spirit days only.
• Socks must be worn with the exception of with sandals on dress-up days.
• Solid-colored tights or leggings may be worn under skirts and jumpers. (No prints.)
• Closed-toed/Closed heeled shoes must be worn on regular days.
• Crocs, slippers, flipflops, and shoes with wheels are not allowed.
• Hair should be a natural color.
• Mohawks/faux mohawks are not allowed.
• Students should be clean shaven.
• Boys’ hair should not fall below the eyebrows or past the top of the collar.
• Visible tattoos are not permitted.
• No earrings for boys.
• No excessive make-up.
Attire should always follow the common standards of modesty and good taste. A student’s midriff or cleavage should not be visible when dressing up on special days. Shirts should be tucked in or be long enough that students’ midriffs and backs are not visible when standing, sitting, etc. Tight fitting skirts or pants are not appropriate for school wear at any time. Students who wear inappropriate clothing will be required to change. Parents are asked to please make sure that students are dressed properly before leaving for school/school events.
Junior high and high school athletes, club members, activity members may be required to dress up on game or activity days. Coaches/moderators may require specific shirts, slacks, etc. Students may wear clothing (non-uniform) that meets the expectations of the game-day/activity dress code outlined by the coach/moderator, or students may wear the regular school uniform on these days if they so choose.
DRESS-UP DAYS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS (Holy Days, First Friday Mass, etc)
• Students need to remember that this is a dress-up day vs. dress-down. Any student who dresses down will be asked to change into regular uniform attire.
• K-12 Students may dress up on certain designated days. Regular uniform is also allowed on these days.
• No sleeveless dresses/shirts are allowed.
• Blue jeans are not allowed; blue jean skirts are allowed.
• Students may wear leggings under a dress or an appropriate-length skirt.
• Rompers that fall below the knees are allowed. No shorts rompers are allowed.
K-12 students may wear blue jeans on certain announced days designated by the principal. These are announced in the school bulletin and/or social media. Blue jeans must be in good condition with no rips or holes. On Spirit Days, students are required to wear the specified shirt (specific color, Irish Spirit Shirt, holiday) de-pending on the day or may wear a uniform shirt. Blue jean shorts are not allowed.
•Adopted September 19, 2011, by Sacred Heart School Council
• Button-down shirt with collar or a sweater
• No excessively tight clothing may be worn
• Dress slacks and shoes are required (no jeans or shorts)
• Tuxedos are customary for prom, but are not required
• No excessively tight clothing may be worn
• No visible cleavage (No plunging neck lines)
• Dress hemlines and/or slits must be at least 2 inches below the fingertips when standing tall with hand and arm fully extended and shoulders lowered
• The entire dress back must reach no lower than 1 inch below the shoulder blades
• Dresses must not be made of a sheer fabric where undergarments can be seen
• No mini-skirts/short dresses with leggings will be allowed
• Two-piece dresses will be allowed provided that the midriff is not exposed at any time, even when the arms are raised
• All proper undergarments are to be worn
• Students may wear leggings under a dress or an appropriate length skirt. If the leggings are worn as slacks, their tops must be a tunic length. Tops that are finger-tip length are considered tunic length.
• The dress code is to encourage our students to be modest, which is important for living the virtue of chastity and for protecting the human dignity of our students. We welcome guests from other schools, but it is the responsibility of the Sacred Heart student who invites the guest to make sure that his or her date adheres to this policy. Students not complying with the dress code will be asked to leave or make the proper modifications to their attire before being admitted to the dance. If on the next dance occasion a student once again fails to adhere to the dress code policy, he or she will not be allowed to attend the dance.

Revised November 2022