The Sacred Heart Spotlight is an official publication of the learning curriculum of the English Department of Sacred Heart School. The Spotlight is a member of the Nebraska High School Press Association. The Spotlight is published by Sacred Heart School and is designed using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop CS.
Publications staff writers are responsible for all articles and photographs published in the Spotlight. The role of the Spotlight is to inform students and others of events that pertain to student life at Sacred Heart. The Spotlight will not print material when information is limited or when information is not substantiated. The Spotlight welcomes signed Letters to the Editor, although publication is not guaranteed. The adviser may be contacted at
All published articles and editorials will conform to standards established by the School Council and administration of Sacred Heart School. Stories will be identified by a byline, and photos will be identified by a photo credit unless the product is the result of editorial collaboration.
Erin Waller serves as adviser. Inquiries should be addressed to Sacred Heart School, Publications Staff, 1820 Fulton Street, Falls City, Nebraska 68355; (402) 245-4151.