My last newsletter article was about the amount of fundraising we do to keep our school open.  This year we budgeted almost $400,000 in fundraising which is about 20% of our yearly income.   I made an appeal to support our Booster Auction/Fun Night on April 6.  People supported that night in a big way and we raised $165,000 for our school.  Thank you all who were so generous to this fundraiser.  Thank you to all who helped make this night such a success.  We appreciate those who bid and purchased items and thanks to all who donated items.  Thank you to our dinner crew, our bar workers, our silent and live auction chairpersons, our auctioneer and so many who helped make this night special.  Thank you to our high school students for their help.  A big thanks to Amanda Sipple, Jennifer Keller, Kellee Kean, Kelly Bletscher, Dan Simon and Renee Kopf who worked very hard organizing and planning this night.

I made several appeals to our families, teachers, and students to volunteer to work at Husker football games for our seatback fundraiser this school year.  This past Saturday we had over 50 volunteers for the Husker Spring Game.  This fulfills our commitment for the 2023-24 season.  These eight games raised over $48,000 for our school with much of that going towards our new playground.  Thank you to everyone who helped.  We plan to do this fundraiser again.  Please be ready to volunteer for the 2024 Husker season.  We need many volunteers and we need families to help us on these game days.  Thank you to all those who volunteer for multiple games.

Our main fundraisers for this school year are complete.  The one that is still ongoing is the Sacred Heart Annual Fund.  Please consider giving to our Annual Fund.  This money helps make up the difference after all our other sources of income like tuition, parish assessments, and our SH Foundation are in.  The cost of education, just like everything else, continues to rise.  Our tuition is affordable because of these other sources of income. Our tuition continues to be lower than other schools in the Diocese of Lincoln.  As the school year ends, we need all our families to have their 2023-24 tuition paid off in full by the end of May.  This helps us pay our bills.  Again, thank you to all those who support our school.

The finish line is in sight.  The last day of school for 2023-24 is Thursday, May 16.  As we approach the finish line it’s important that we stay focused till the finish. Students need to be on time and present these remaining days of school.  They need to continue working hard in class and on their studies until May 16.  We can’t let up before we cross the finish line. Parents can help with this by stressing how important these last few weeks are.