Crisis/SCIP Teams

Crisis Team

The Crisis team was created over 20 years ago to be able to help the faculty, staff, students and parents with the time during and after any type of crisis that could affect the school.  The members were trained initially in Lincoln by Dr. John Dudley who is an authority in the area of crisis and its effects on people. Later three faculty members received further training of Levels 2 and 3. With this further training we were able to assist area schools if they were to experience a crisis of any type and needed extra help.

We quickly learned that no two crisis are ever the same. The team meets after verified information and details have been collected and then decides what the best action for the team to take so we can help everyone involved. Depending on the event parents have been contacted via phone and the facts are shared with them and the team is then able to help parents if they have any questions at how to share the information with their children and to help students that need extra assistance. The team is also available at school if students want to gather to talk or pray. Current team members are:

Pam Smith 
Father David Oldham
Linda Kirkendall
Luke Santo    
Emma Ebel      
Doug Goltz, Princial


SCIP stands for School and Community Intervention Program. The original team was trained over 25 years ago and the members have changed only slightly over the years.

The SCIP team has worked a few different agencies over the years that have provided counselors to work with the students. At first the only students that were affected by alcohol or drugs in some fashion were seen by counselors and offered services, but today students that struggle with any issue that interferes with their education can be seen by a counselor and can receive services offered to them through the program. A student must be referred to a SCIP member by either a parent, teacher, fellow student, or administration and after appropriate paper work is completed the student will begin receiving services. Currently the SCIP program is working with counselors from Blue Valley Mental Health here in Falls City and the counselors come to the school to provide services to the students.  Current SCIP members are:

Pam Smith 
Jeff Barker
Linda Kirkendall, Leader