Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl at Sacred Heart is open to all students in grades 7-12. Quiz bowl takes place during the second semester. High school quiz bowl starts in January and the team practices one morning a week from 7:20-7:50. The team attends 3-4 meets. The sponsors are Jim Hoy and Linda Kirkendall. The sponsors for junior high quiz bowl are Angie Taft and Julie Froeschl. They practice one morning each week from 7:20-7:50.  Students attend between 3-4 meets during the spring.

The 2019-20 schedule includes:

High School

March 19 – Pioneer Conference Meet @ Sterling
April 1 – Mudecas Quiz Bowl @ Sterling

Jr. High

March 23 – Pioneer Quiz Bowl @ Johnson Brock
April 20, 1:00pm – Mudecas Quiz Bowl @ Lewiston