The Endowment Fund, created in 1984, has distributed $3,000,000.00 to the school for annual operational expenses over the last 35 years. All donations to the Endowment Fund are invested and only the earnings can be used for the school’s operation. The fund has been a long term anchor for Sacred Heart and continues to welcome gifts and bequests. The current value of the Endowment Fund is $3,230,990.00 with an annual payment to the operational budget of the school of $144,000.00.

Endowment Fund Board includes:

  • Doug Goltz,  CAO, Sacred Heart School
  • Mr. Phil Froeschl
  • Mr. Bob Aitken
  • Mr. Marc Morehead
  • Mr. Merle Veigel
  • Mr. Matt Sells
  • Mrs. Renee Kopf

Please contact Doug Goltz (doug-goltz@cdolinc.net) or Renee Kopf (renee-kopf@cdolinc.net) for information on how you can help us grow our Endowment with legacy gifts.

2016-17 Annual Report for Endowment Fund


SUMMARY April 30, 2017

Marketable Securities & Cash $ 3,205,461
Cash Value – Life insurance policies $ 21,659
Total Foundation Assets $ 3,227,120
Less: Total Contributions to Endowment Fund to date $ 2,760,969
Net Unrestricted Foundation Assets $ 466,150
Total distributions to Sacred Heart since inception $ 3,096,308