Collection Programs

Sacred Heart Collection Programs

Welcome to the Sacred Heart family! We would like to introduce you to the various fundraising collection programs that our school participates in. To make these programs successful, we encourage full participation from all parents and extended families.  Make it fun for your child and explain that they are helping their school out.  We have volunteers that go through each and every label, receipt, and boxtop, so please help them out by checking the expiration dates and trimming the labels. Thank you for helping Sacred Heart through these fundraising opportunities.

Collection boxes are located outside the school office.  Your child may also hand the collection items into their teacher.

SunMart Receipts– Save all SunMart receipts (ask extended family members and friends to save them for your child).

Coke/Powerade – Save your Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Fresca, Dasani, Barq’s, Pibb xtra, and Powerade lids and carton end flaps.

APPS earn even more cash for our school.

AmazonSmile- place your amazon orders through AmazonSmile and Sacred Heart will get a percentage back.

Scrip Cards

Scrip cards are gift cards for your everyday shopping.  Scrip is raising money for our school simply by changing your method of payment.  You buy the scrip card at face value and the school gets a rebate percentage back.  We have scrip cards to local and out of town businesses. The cards are located in the office or you can order online at

Scrip list of cards can be viewed here:  scrip order form