Vonderschmidt (Class of 2009)

SH grad achieves print shop dream

By Adisen Fischer

Allyson (Vonderschmidt) Lacina poses for a picture with her dog, Deloris.

Allyson (Vonderschmidt) Lacina had a unique journey to get her to the place where she is, owning and operating a printing company in Iowa named Ally’s Print Shop. As a Sacred Heart 2009 graduate, she did not experience a typical transition from high school into college.

Lacina was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma cancer in July 2009. Lacina’s was in her right sinus cavity, despite the fact that it is extremely rare to be found in the head. Because of the cancer’s location, she had a very low survival rate. This was not going to stop her determined personality from fighting. Allyson started her chemotherapy in August and continued until she completed chemotherapy treatments in May of 2010. She then moved to Sheridan, WY, where she enrolled and began attending Sheridan College, a year later than most of her classmates.

Allyson first started her Sacred Heart career in preschool, and she remained through her high school graduation with a class of 21 students. Lacina is the youngest of five children, two older brothers and two older sisters.

Originally, she planned on studying animal science, however after a year of college, she decided to take more art classes. “I felt like I needed to try college art to see if it was something I wanted to pursue,” Lacina said. She started by looking into job opportunities for different art majors. She researched graphic design and the creativity and possibilities that came with it. Lacina also had an opportunity to job shadow with graphic design and see what they do, the programs they use, the flexibility to their job, etc. After her shadowing she knew it was a path she wanted to take.

During her second semester of college she decided, with the encouragement of her oldest brother, Justin Vonderschmidt, to switch her major. Allyson then transferred to Northwest Missouri State University, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree concentrating in graphic design. After she finished college, she got a job working for Midwest Messenger, an agricultural newspaper. In this position, she worked on business ads, building the layout for and putting together the newspaper. They also had a print shop, where she could make different items for the sale reps such as business cards, calendars, notepads, etc. It was this opportunity that gave Lucina her dream of owning her own print shop.

Ally married Cole Lacina on February 21, 2021. They are now excepting their first baby due in April of 2024. Lacina makes the drive back to Falls City often to visit her family and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Lacina now owns her own print shop where she makes a variety of printed goods including cards, calendars, books, note pads, invitations, planners, wrapping paper and much more. Ally’s Print Shop was founded in July 2020 and has been growing since. In her future she plans to continue growing her business and bringing her dreams to life.

Sacred Heart helped her to develop her strong work ethic and values to better success in the future. “The traditions at Sacred Heart are like no other,” Lacina said. “From the pep rallies, skits and homecoming week to Catholic Schools Week and the Living Rosary, Sacred Heart has so many special traditions that I will forever cherish.”

Allyson had several teachers that she feels played a major role in her education, including science teacher Jim Hoy, language arts teacher Linda Kirkendall, and of course, art teacher Christina Wertenberger. Lacina credits Wertenberger for helping her realize her talent and ability with the arts and showing her she could do anything she put her mind to.

Lacina had some unique advice for high school students. “God has a very special plan for each and every one of you; do not get discouraged when things don’t go the way you plan,” Lacina said. “Have faith, stay positive and work hard; God will provide.”