Annual Fund Report 21-22

Month and Year to Date Summary Fiscal Year By GL_CODE for period ending 06/30/2022
Code Description Amount
AF Annual Fund (AF) $149,896.81
ART Art (ART) $0.00
ATH Athletics (ATH) $903.50
AUCTION BC Auction (AUCTION) $120.00
BUS Bus Fund (BUS) $70,320.00
CF Catholic Fdn (CF) $0.00
DR Debt Reduction (DR) $0.00
ESTATEGIFT Estate gift (ESTATEGIFT) $22,111.47
GA Guardian Angel (GA) $5,570.00
MBAND Music/Band (MBAND) $0.00
OP Operational (OP) $0.00
PARK Parking Lot donation (PARK) $58,102.00
RENO Renovation Fund (RENO) $0.00
SH SH School (SH) $0.00
SHF Shamrock Teacher Fund (SHF) $3,000.00
TWL Teacher Wish List (TWL) $905.00
VGYT Vintage Games-YouTube (VGYT) $100.00
Grand Total $311,028.78