What is Scrip?  Scrip is simply a term that means “substitute money”.  Scrip fundraising is a NO-SELLING program that allows families to raise money for their school by using gift cards (scrip) to pay for everyday purchases.

Scrip businesses:  scrip business list

How does it work?  Families order gift cards from their school and pay face value.  The school then orders the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) for less than face value (based on the discount given by the retailer).  The school keeps the difference (rebate) as the means of the fundraiser.

How do I buy scrip cards?  Scrip cards can be purchased by:

  1. Signing up online at Click on the green “Get Started” button at the top right, then “Join  Your Existing Program”, and follow the directions to complete your registration.  Online orders can be paid by cash or check made out to Sacred Heart Scrip.  Payment must be received in the Sacred Heart office by noon on Mondays to be included in the weekly order.  Families registered at have the option to use PrestoPay, GLSC’s secure electronic debit system.
  2. Paper order forms are available in the school office, on the scrip desk in the main vestibule of Sts Peter & Paul Church, or you can request a pdf copy by emailing Complete the order form and return to the school office with payment.
  3. A limited amount of scrip cards are available for immediate purchase from our inventory box. These are available in the office during school hours, at selected home varsity games, and after Saturday night and 10 am Sunday Masses in the main vestibule of Sts Peter & Paul Church.

Online Scrip orders can now be paid using a Visa or MasterCard!

This is only available for orders placed online. A fee of 2.6% will be added to your order total each time you pay with a credit card, but Sacred Heart’s rebate will not be affected. You will have instant access to eGift cards and reloads with credit card payment. To place online orders, register. Paid orders will be bundled and placed on Mondays at noon, and will be available the following Thursday afternoon. Please contact us at with questions

How do I receive my order?

Orders placed (online or paper forms) and paid by Mondays at noon are usually available the following Thursday after school.  You will receive a call when your scrip order is available to be picked up, or you may request to have the cards sent home with your Sacred Heart student.  Cards are activated when they arrive and should be treated as cash.

Can I buy cards from local businesses?  Several local businesses participate in our scrip program.  Local cards can be ordered online or using paper order forms using the same process used to order national brands.  Businesses participating locally can be found at the end of the order forms.

Are electronic cards or reloads available?  Families registered on and using PrestoPay can order ScripNow or Reload selected cards.  ScripNow can be instantly downloaded or sent to the email address of your choice.  ScripNow ecards can be used to pay for an online order, or printed for use at a retailer.  Some ScripNow products can be redeemed at a retailer directly from your smartphone.   Some plastic cards can be reloaded using PrestoPay.

For more information on ScripNow, Reloads or available retailers, go to, click on the blue “Sign In” button on the top right of the page, then click on “Shop”.  Businesses participating locally will not appear until you create an account using Sacred Heart’s enrollment code.  For more information on how scrip works, browse at, or contact Kerry Tramp or Sue Bieker, your Sacred Heart Scrip coordinators.