Daycare Center

Sacred Heart Daycare and Learning Center opened in the fall of 2016.  Located in the lower level of O’Connor Hall, the center has 74 enrolled children of which 39 attend regularly.

The summer of 2017 saw an increase of six children for a total of 52 families served and six part time employees.

Contact Us:
Sacred Heart Daycare and Learning Center 
1820 Fulton Street
Falls City, NE  68355
Phone: 402.245.3385

Hours of operation:  7:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday

Rates:  Full time fees:  
Infant (6 weeks-18 months) 	$152.50/week
18 months - 12 years		$127.50/week
Scheduled Part-Time Fees:
Infant (6 weeks-18 months)	$30.50/day
18 months - 12 years		$25.50/day

After School care is available

We do our best to make accommodations. Full time infants will be given priority when we are scheduling due 
to staffing and state ratios.

Late Pickup - We close at 5:30pm. If you are late, we will charge you $1.00 per minute you are late.

Fees will need to be paid for your scheduled time. If your child is ill or stays home for another reason, 
fees are expected to be paid.

Vacation:  We understand families will be wanting to take time off for vacations. We will give everyone, 
once a year, a week of non-paid daycare tuition (5 consecutive days) with a two week notice given to 
the director.

Daycare forms:  please click links below

Application          		Daycare Application form
Registration          		Registration
Child Info			Child Info
Permission to Photograph	Permission/Photograph
Permission to Leave		Permission/Leave 
Permission for Activities	Permission/Activities
Parent Handbook			Daycare Parent Handbook
Infant Feeding Schedule		Infant Feeding Schedule
Infant Supply List		Infant Supply List
DHHS Immunization		DHHS Immunization 
DHHS Parent Info		DHHS Parent Info
DHHS Licensing			DHHS Licensing