Staff spotlight: Darveau

Darveau: more than a custodian

By Saylor Hutfles

School custodian Mary Darveau works to keep the entrance to the school clean and spotless.

Chores like scrubbing floors, organizing cabinets and taking out the trash might not be everyone’s favorite, but Sacred Heart School is lucky enough to have one special woman who does enjoy doing them. Janitor Mary Darveau does all of this and much more in her position as custodian. She has a special job that requires guts and strength, and many say she has just that.

Darveau worked through high school and beyond, for a total of 12 years, at Pandora’s Hallmark. She attended high school at Falls City Public and graduated in 1976. Then she got the opportunity to work at Richardson County Bank. She spent 34+ years at the bank working with customer service and new accounts before she decided to retire.

If you know Darveau, you are aware she doesn’t know how to sit still, so being at home didn’t last long. She took a position as a custodian for Falls City Middle School from 2019-2020 and then got the call from Chief Administrative Officer Doug Goltz. “When Mr. Goltz called to ask if I was interested, it was an easy yes!” Darveau said. “It’s a place where I am at home with family.”

Darveau has two kids that are Sacred Heart graduates along with a grandson, several nieces and a nephew who currently attend the school. Being surrounded by family is one of her favorite things about her job.

Outside of the Sacred Heart walls Darveau spends time baking treats and being with family. One will always find her cleaning something no matter where she is. She enjoys going to school activities and cheering on the students. She is also always in the halls being a positive influence for the students. “Mrs. Darveau always keeps things nice, clean, organized and all of the above,” Senior Zach Kafer said. “Being her student assistant is the best because she is always easy to get along with and it’s nice to be able to help her when I can.”

Darveau’s job consists of a variety of tasks including organizing, fixing things, tying shoes, blowing leaves, and much more. Every morning she checks the bathrooms and vacuums the entryways to make sure everything is ready for when the kids arrive. She greats all the students every morning with a huge smile on her face.

Darveau is here by 7am every morning and usually doesn’t leave until around 5:30pm to get all her work done. Darveau cleans the school building, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, the preschool and music rooms, Tiehen Gym and the Parish Hall during the day. Sometimes she comes in over the weekends if needed.