One Act state appearance

Stuck in a “Happy Daze”

By Adisen Fischer

This year’s One Act cast and crew are stuck in a “Happy Daze” after making school history for their performing arts! On November 28 the Sacred Heart One Act team performed at the district competition, hosted in Shickley, against six different schools.

This year’s play production started as every other one; staying at practice late at night, cramming to memorize lines and cutting scenes. The “Happy Daze” audience is twisted into the mindset of young JT springer (played by Parker Hoffman), including the highs and lows of a fantasy world vs. reality. JT is a nerd that isn’t very popular and doesn’t have too many friends. However, in his fantasy world JT is the most popular guy in school and even scores a date with Julie, the most popular girl in school (played by Adisen Fischer). As all good things come to an end, JT’s father (played by Patrick Froeschl) teaches him the importance of embracing who you truly are rather than trying to be someone you’re not.

Every year Sacred Heart gives it their all at the district production; however, this year was different. After feeling discouraged and let down from the previous competitions, and receiving ratings that were lower than expected, the cast and crew knew they had to give it their all. The Sacred Heart One Act team has never made a state appearance until this year.

“When I found out we won districts, therefore making it to state, I felt a rush of emotion; I felt pride, humility, elation and relief that we finally made it,” Bippes said. “Nine years of hard work, dedication, growing, adapting and longing finally manifested.”

The D2 State One Act competition was held on December 6 in Norfolk, Nebraska where Sacred Heart competed against five other schools. Arnold High school ended up in first place with their production of “Anne of Green Gables.”

Although they didn’t leave with a team trophy, senior Leila Fredrick, juniors Thomas Aiken, Patrick Froeschl, Tate Wilcox, Destry Groth, and Adisen Fischer, sophomore Parker Hoffman, and freshman Emersyn Courtney all received outstanding acting awards at the D2 One Act State Awards Ceremony. “Making it to state this year was a huge accomplishment,” Fredrick said. “It was so much fun for everyone involved!”

The One Act cast and crew left the state championship with several new skills and techniques that can be applied to their sets, acting, costumes, direction and more in years to come.