Guest speaker: Adams

Guest speaker emphasizes striving for excellence

By Dorothy Crouse

Motivational speaker DeMoine Adams gave students a message about how life’s daily choices determine their character, who they become and how far they will go in life.


On November 29, Sacred Heart students from grades 2-12 attended a presentation given by guest speaker DeMoine Adams. Adams is a motivational speaker whose main goal is to inspire others to be leaders and winners in the game of life.

Adams grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where he found his talent as an athlete. Adams mainly excelled in football and ended up playing collegiately and professionally. In college Adams played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers where he was a three-year starting blackshirt defensive end. During his time with the Huskers, he led the team in quarterback sacks. Adams played a big role in the Huskers Big 12 conference championship in 1999. Adams also helped lead the Huskers to the 2002 National Championship Rose Bowl.

Besides his excellence on the field, Adams has modeled great leadership off the field. During his time in college Adams received academic all-American honors, was an Arthur Ashe recipient, won the Brook Berringer citizenship team award during his time in college, was the 2002 Lifter of the Year, and was part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Adams was also honored as the Nebraska Athlete of the Year.

Adams was a first-generation college student earned his bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in history, communications, English, ethnic studies and African studies. He then earned his master’s degree in educational psychology. Adams is currently studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to earn his doctorate, and his research includes topics such as leadership, motivation and sociology.

Over the hour that the students spent listening to Adams, he focused on living day-by-day. His speech reminded the students that Sacred Heart isn’t a school of good or great but rather a school of excellence, and everyone should strive to be at that level.

Adams pointed out that there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in win. This means that everyone involved needs to contribute to achieve a win and that it isn’t just a few individuals that count. He made it a point to honor the Sacred Heart One Act cast and crew for their recent 1st place trophy from the district competition.

Adams shared about his past struggles with bullies, but pointed out that his teacher never gave up on him and that eventually contributed to his success. Through his traveling and presentations, he hopes to inspire youth to be a generation of leaders and not followers.