The second semester has started and the month of January is already gone. The school year continues to fly by. Each year it seems to go faster and faster. They say that means you are getting old. While I don’t feel it; I guess this is true.

Another reason I think the school year goes by quickly is the overall positive atmosphere at our school. That is due to our teachers and their positive attitudes. Our teachers set the tone each day with a positive approach to learning. I also believe it’s because of our students’ participation in extra-curricular activities. We are fortunate that so many of our students participate in so many of the activities our school offers. Many of our students are participants in multiple activities. Our students are busy and have a lot on their plates but they do a good job of balancing school work, activities and jobs for those who do that too. There are many lessons that can be learned from being a team member and our kids do a great job of being good teammates. At Sacred Heart we expect excellence in everything we do. Excellence in the classroom, excellence on the court, and excellence in all our activities. Our Sacred Heart teams are successful and something our students and their families can be proud of. The positivity that comes from these successes carry over in to the culture of our school. They carry over into the classroom and the day-to-day operation of our school. Thank you parents for supporting and encouraging your children to participate in music, sports, speech, quiz bowl, one-act, dance team, cheerleading and all our schools’ activities. Thank you benefactors supporting our school monetarily so we can provide these activities.

Sacred Heart School – a family educating heart, mind, body and spirit for this life and the next.