As we enter the month of September, the 2020-21 school year is going well.  We are entering our third full week of classes and our students and teachers have done a great job adjusting to the new guidelines during this time of Covid-19.  The students have been accepting of the protocols placed upon them even though they are difficult at times.  Wearing face coverings, constant hand sanitizing, and social distancing is not easy for schools and not easy for kids.  Social distancing isn’t in their DNA but they continue to be resilient as they make the necessary adjustments to keep school going in-person rather than remotely.  The students’ attitudes are good and they are compliant with the rules even though they may disagree or they come from parents who disagree.  That’s the times we live in.  Hopefully we are doing the things to keep safe and limit the chances of us having to close down our building.

Our teachers have also had great attitudes about the situation.  It is more stress and more work to be a teacher during a pandemic.  I appreciate all the time and effort of our teachers.  Many hours this summer getting ready for school under the new guidelines and many more hours preparing to be a remote teacher if that happens again.  The Diocese of Lincoln Technology Office has provided many trainings that our teachers participated in.  Our teachers were in our building during June and July more than ever before.  All to be ready for whatever comes our way during this school year.

I recently sent a letter home to our families about what to expect during this school year as far as extra-curricular activities.  Schools are working through the details to host games.  Conferences are working through the details to host tournaments, music clinics, play production competitions.  We still have more questions than answers on how to do these things in a safe way.  As my letter said, we need everyone to be understanding, flexible, and patient during these times.  We may have to pivot many times as the school year continues.  While this is a stressful time, I am hopeful that our students will have the chance to participate in the activities they love.  The goal is to keep our school safe, our students safe, our staff safe, and our community safe.  We are all in this together.

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