With our last home basketball wrapping up Tuesday, March 2, I just want to say thank you to the many volunteers that helped during the season. Our junior high boys season helpers. Our junior high girls season helpers. And our high school girls and boys season helpers. It takes a lot of volunteers to get the job done right. Thank you to the volunteers who officiate our junior varsity and junior high games. It’s a thankless job as some fans like to yell at the officials. We have several former Sacred Heart players that volunteer to officiate for us. Thank you to the scoreboard operators, the announcers, the clock operators, the gate people, the concessions workers and all those who help at our home basketball games. With COVID it was a little more challenging. We used two entrances which required more volunteers. So a big thank you to all of you helped with our home games.
Thank you also to all our fans and supporters for being so patient and so unselfish during the basketball season. With COVID, crowd size has been limited due to the DHMs and NSAA restrictions trying to keep people safe. Some of you who wanted to come watch the Irish play have not been able to. I know that was disappointing. I know it was frustrating. As the restrictions have loosened, more fans have been able to attend. We have had to use gate lists which is a hassle and time-consuming but it has been necessary. Thank you for cooperating with these requests. Wearing masks is required in our school and other schools. While it would be nice if all people would comply with this requirement, I do thank you for following the rules as asked.
The Girls State Basketball Tournament is this week. At this time we do not know all the restrictions and guidelines, I anticipate due to the size of venues that we will not be limited from having all our fans present at games. This will be an opportunity for many of you who have not been able to come to a Sacred Heart game this season to now go to a game and enjoy cheering on the Irish. There will be some limitations, bands will not be allowed this year, you will be required to wear masks (and you will be asked to leave if you don’t comply), you will be asked to social distance, but it will be a great experience for our school. When more information is made available, it will be shared with you
Our teachers, staff and students continue doing a great job at school working together to stay safe and keep school going. When you watch the national news and see all of the schools in different parts of the country that have not had student’s in-person for more than a year, you realize how lucky we are. I cannot imagine being a student that hasn’t been with their class in the building each day. I can’t imagine being a teacher trying to educate without being in the building. I can’t imagine being a parent whose children haven’t been in the classroom since last March. We are all tired of the changes we have had to make in our lives. I am thankful for the support of our students’ parents in helping us navigate our way through a pandemic. We are all in this together and thank you to all for doing your part.
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