Our new parking project is near completion.  This was made possible by many people’s generosity.  Thank you so much for this facility improvement.  We added over 50 parking spots along with two handicap stalls.  The angle parking, south of the practice field, doesn’t have the lines painted yet and the City has to come in to remove the telephone poles and move the power underground, but for the most part the project is complete and now functional.  We could use your help when it comes to home games now.  When we have home games at the RAC, we are asking our Sacred Heart fans to consider parking on the south side.  For convenience, we will use the south entrance (the doors by the offices) as a second entrance to games at the RAC.  Park on the southside and enter through the south school main door.  Everyone will still pay admission just inside the lunchroom.  This will allow visiting schools and the elderly to park on the north side and enter the North Main Entrance.  Thank you for this.

Another big thank you is to all the volunteers who helped at the seven home Husker games with seatbacks.  This is a huge commitment.  Sometimes I question if it may be too big a commitment with our small school and limited number of volunteers.  This fundraiser though has helped us renovate our school’s restrooms, purchase an activity bus, and in the near future a school van.  This year we had 207 different individuals volunteer for at least one game.  We had 423 combined volunteers when you break down the seven games.  Games 1-7 had 60, 62, 64, 68, 44, 50 and 75 for each game crew.  This raised almost $32,000 along with a generous match of $5700 for the last game.  Thank you for this too.  A big thank you to the individuals that helped at multiple games.  We had some who helped at every game.  It’s amazing when you look at all those who volunteered.  Some don’t have kids or grandkids in our school but love Sacred Heart and want to help our school out.  A big thank you to Kim and Darrin Schawang and Amanda and Robbie Sipple who are the chairpersons for this fundraiser.  They made the entire season run smoothly.  We still have the Spring Game to finish this season’s commitment.  After that, we will have to decide if we will do this fundraiser in 2023 or not.  Can we get enough volunteers without wearing them out?  Can we get some new volunteers to help us out?  Can we get more of the Sacred Heart families or students that have not helped with this fundraiser to join those who have?  When it’s a Thursday of game week and you only have 10-15 volunteers signed up at that time, it’s stressful not knowing if we’ll have enough workers.  This season it all worked out and you did a great job.  Thank you.

Some bad news of late is that our boiler broke down.  It quit working on November 18 and cannot be repaired.  We will have to pay for the abatement of the old one and purchase a new one.  We are waiting on bids to come in.  This will be quite an expense.  An expense we were not planning on.  The boiler serves as a backup to the Siemens system we installed along with the windows in 2011.  When it gets very cold and the Siemens system cannot keep up, the boiler kicks on to give the Siemens system a boost.  At this time, we are not planning on a fundraiser for the new boiler but if you would like to contribute or need a tax write off for 2022, donations of any amount would be accepted.

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