SHOPAROO CHECK FOR $1107.26!  Sacred Heart parents, volunteers, alumni and friends have been snapping pictures of receipts from stores, big and small, that primarily sell food, health or beauty items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for our school. We received a $1107.26 check today that will be used for Teacher Wish List. Keep snapping those receipts! If you would like to know more or to help, please follow directions below: – Download this app (make sure you choose Falls City Sacred Heart as your school) and snap a picture of your receipts.  It is that easy!!  Shop as you normally would and earn money for Sacred Heart by snapping pictures of your gas, grocery, restaurant, and various other retail receipts.  You can cross out your payment method if you prefer.  Just make sure the store name, date, and total $$ amount are on the receipt.  You must submit the receipts within 14 days.