The 2021-22 school year will be here very soon.  The first day of school is August 16 and high school volleyball and football practices starting the Monday before on August 9.  The month of June has passed and July is here.  Summer is going fast like it always does.  Hoping your family gets some down time away from work and gets to spend some time together.

Before we progress to the new school year, we need to finish off the 2020-21 school year.  Does your family have their 2020-21 tuition paid in full?  If not, have you contacted the school to discuss this?  It is important for the operation of our school that all families take care of their obligation of paying their school bill.  Statements are mailed out monthly by the school office.  Sacred Heart will work with families to come up with a plan for unpaid tuition.  Communication from families is important.  Our school has its own bills to pay and tuition is an important part of our school’s income.  Paying tuition with a credit card is now an option as well as automatic withdraws with our school paid directly from your bank account.  If your family did not pick up your children’s report cards, have you contacted school to see if you have any miscellaneous charges needing paid?  The school office is open several hours each week to make payments or ask about unpaid bills.

There are some summer projects at Sacred Heart that could use volunteers.  These are repairs, painting or cleaning jobs.  If you have the expertise and the time to volunteer, contact me to see if you can help us with any of these jobs.  Email me and I’ll get back to you.

If your son or daughter will be playing junior high or high school sports in 2021-22 they need to have an athletic physical on file before beginning any practices.  Back on May 21, our students were provided the opportunity for a free athletic physical at Falls City Family Practice.  (Thank you to Dr. Tramp’s office for this.)  If you did not take advantage of this opportunity, it is the responsibility of families to get their child’s athletic physical taken care of before practices begin in August.  Also, our incoming 7th graders are required by the state to get a more comprehensive physical from their family doctor.  This physical plus updated shot records need to be turned in to our school office.  Please turn in athletic physicals to the school office if you have not done so yet.

If you will have a new kindergarten student, please turn in all forms handed out at kindergarten round-up, shot records, physical and child’s birth certificate to the school office by August 1st.

Our coaches have been working hard with our athletes in the weight room and gym this summer.  Attendance from our high school and junior high athletes has been impressive.  Kids are coming in and working hard to improve and ready themselves for the 2021-22 sports season.  This past year Falls City Sacred Heart finished 3rd in Class D in the NSAA Cup Standings with Fremont Bergan being the overall Class D champion.  The NSAA Cup is an overall ranking of how schools did in all the NSAA activities that schools participate in which includes sports and all other activities the NSAA sanctions.  Our school did very well again this past year being very competitive in all activities we participate in.  This past year our Speech, Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Boys Track Teams were all District Champions.  Also our Volleyball Team finished third at State, our Girls Basketball Team Runner-up, and our Boys Basketball Team State Champion.  Congratulations to Sacred Heart students, coaches and sponsors.

Sacred Heart School – a family educating heart, mind, body and spirit for this life and the next.  Thank you.

Doug Goltz, CAO