Thank you to all our Sacred Heart families, students, staff, and all our benefactors for all you are doing to make our school safe.  During this difficult time we continue to be resilient as we navigate our way through the pandemic.  As a school we take the advice from the health experts to make decisions about the protocols and guidelines we have in place at school.  Some of these guidelines have changed as more becomes known about the virus.  What we did in the first quarter may change as cases are increasing and we move into winter months.

We have now had several students in quarantine due to close contact and have also had students test positive.  As winter approaches, it is predicted that things will, unfortunately, not get better but will instead get worse.  The number of cases in Nebraska continues to rise, and the number of cases in our county and city continues to rise.  Now more than ever we need to all do our best to try to keep each other safe.  It requires discipline and sacrifice, but this virus is super contagious.  Even when being extra careful the virus can be spread.

We need to be extra cautious when it comes to monitoring our own health.  Don’t take any chances.  If you’re sick, stay home.  If your child is sick, keep them home.  No one wants to miss school.  No one wants to have to learn remotely.  No one wants to miss a school activity.  But during these times, we have to try to keep others from getting sick.  I have sent out information on quarantining and isolating.  It is important that our families understand that if anyone in the home remains in close contact with a person with the virus, their 14-day quarantine does not begin until the person who has COVID-19 meets the criteria to end home isolation.   For younger students, this may mean longer quarantining because younger children may be unable to isolate from the parent who has the virus.

As the volleyball and football seasons wind down, I want to commend all of you for following the guidelines that we had in place for our home games.  Wearing masks and not gathering before and after games is very important.  Health departments are finding that more and more of the positive cases are coming out of events like sporting events.  People are attending gatherings like games and the virus is being spread this way.  People unknowingly have COVID and then spread it to others in their community and school.  Schools are currently working on their plans on how they will be handling winter sports.  With our home basketball games being girl/boy contests and often involving JV girl/boy games, we will need to have a plan in place taking into account that more people will be involved than there were at our volleyball games.  While nothing is finalized, I do believe that attendance will be very restricted and not all fans and students will be able to attend like they normally would.  These decisions are very difficult, but we need to understand that the goal is to keep our school and community safe.  We don’t want to have a school event be a super-spreader.

I ask you to please continue praying for our school.  Pray for our staff and our students.  As a school, we will continue praying for all of you.  We are all in this together.

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