Happy New Year!  Good bye to 2020.  Welcome 2021.

2020 was a tough year.  The pandemic changed our lives in so many ways.  Despite this, Sacred Heart School was able to keep things as normal as possible.  There was no school shutdown.  We worked our way through the first semester of 2020-21 and our teachers and students have had many successes.  Learning has continued and almost in the normal way.  Our teachers deserve so much of the credit for this.  Yes we are wearing masks and social distancing but our students and teachers have done this very well.  At times we have had students learning remotely while in quarantine but we have been able to follow our plan and make this work.  We made it through a very successful volleyball and football season in the fall and now we are several weeks into the winter sports season.  Our fine arts were affected adversely with our one-act cast not being able to compete and there were no music programs or clinics.  Hopefully things will work out better for our fine arts in the second semester.  2020 has been tough but I am very proud of our students, teachers, and staff.  I appreciate our parents for their support and cooperation.

2021 will bring us new challenges.  The vaccine will help us get closer to a normal world, but that will take some time.  We will need to continue to make sacrifices to keep school and activities going.  We can’t let our guards down.  We must continue to follow the protocols we have in place and be ready to pivot and adjust when necessary.  What our students do at school and outside of school continues to be the key in keeping the virus away and our school year continuing.

One of the most difficult challenges this school year has been the limitations placed on our fans for attending our teams’ games.  The NSAA is trying to keep all our activities going despite the pandemic.  The number one goal of Sacred Heart School and the NSAA is for our students to be able to participate.  That means sacrifices.  We appreciate all our fans and understand that you would like to attend our student’s games.  Difficult decisions by the NSAA and Sacred Heart has made some people unhappy.  The hope is that in 2021, we will be able to loosen some of these restrictions so more people can enjoy attending games.  It is a tremendous amount of work compiling gate lists as each school has their own protocols and their own gym capacities.  I appreciate your understanding and cooperation so we can keep our students participating.

2021 will be better than 2020.  I ask you to please continue praying for our school.  Pray for our staff and our students.  As a school, we will continue praying for all of you.  We are all in this together.

Sacred Heart School – a family educating heart, mind, body and spirit for this life and the next.

Doug Goltz, CAO