Boys and Girls Basketball at Sacred Heart Catholic School have a rich tradition of winning and a strong commitment to developing student athletes that work hard, strive for excellence on the court and in the classroom, as well as being kind and respectful to others.

18-19 Boys/Girls Basketball Schedule

2018-19 SH Athletic Schedule

Boys History (from

  • Champion-D1/1988, D1/1989, D2/1990, D2/1991, D1/1999, D1/2001, D1/2004, D2/2008
  • Runner-up-D/1947, D/1974
  • Third Place-D2/2013, D2/2014
  1. 1944-Spalding W26-23, Hildreth L13-28
  2. 1947-Venango W24-22, Hampton W28-26, Sunflower L32-34
  3. 1974-Adams W77-69, Paxton W66-61, Palmer L57-68
  4. 1982-Nelson L44-49
  5. 1988-Spencer W75-65, Polk-Hordville W60-52, Humphrey St. Francis W65-58
  6. 1989-Lindsay Holy Family W80-49, Fairmont W81-64, Maxwell W82-53
  7. 1990-Palisade W92-40, Butte W88-61, Hampton W85-65
  8. 1991-Spalding W69-35, Lewellen W89-55, Hildreth W76-54
  9. 1999-Medicine Valley W79-57, Shelby W71-54, Paxton W72-56
  10. 2001-Omaha Nation W52-38, Hyannis W68-63, Spencer-Naper W59-44
  11. 2003-Greeley/Wolbach W61-60, Spencer-Naper L68-74
  12. 2004-Leyton W75-50, Spencer-Naper W54-49, Shelby W44-35
  13. 2005-Lewiston W64-44, Pleasanton L41-61
  14. 2008-Potter-Dix W73-36, Mary’s W54-53, Pleasanton W66-54
  15. 2009-Sterling L35-50
  16. 2012-Wynot L33-46
  17. 2013-Sterling W41-28, Wynot L42-45, Leyton W57-56
  18. 2014-Leyton W58-50, Bancroft-Rosalie L44-54, Spaulding/Spaulding Academy W68-55
  19. 2015-Riverside L53-55

Girls History (from

  • Champion-D1/1998, D1/1999, D1/2000, D2/2015, D2/2017
  • Runner-up-D1/2002, D1/2003, D2/2007
  • Third Place-D2/2008, D2/2013, D2/2014, D2/2016
  1. 1985-Litchfield L56-72
  2. 1996-Exeter W57-30, Chambers L62-78
  3. 1997-Davenport W52-47, Litchfield L68-69
  4. 1998-Mead W60-37, Harvard W68-50, Callaway W58-47
  5. 1999-Leigh W62-46, Chambers W66-49, Harvard W66-61 OT
  6. 2000-Overton W50-31, Bancroft-Rosalie W56-51, Red Cloud W42-38
  7. 2001-Coleridge W63-54, Humphrey St. Francis L45-51
  8. 2002-Silver Lake W61-53, Elm Creek W56-57, Freeman L35-40
  9. 2003-Bancroft-Rosalie W59-44, Cambridge W50-45, Freeman L40-51
  10. 2005-Red Cloud W71-51, Freeman L34-53
  11. 2006-Kenesaw W37-22, Shickley L51-61
  12. 2007-McPherson County W54-31, Newcastle W52-40, Ewing L46-56
  13. 2008-Coleridge W57-44, Ewing L51-57, Chambers W57-49 OT
  14. 2009-Ewing L41-53
  15. 2010-Lawrence-Nelson L21-34
  16. 2012-Wynot L31-55
  17. 2013-Sandhills/Thedford W57-42, Osmond L28-51, Lindsay Holy Family W50-35
  18. 2014-Wauneta-Palisade W45-25, Wynot L38-55, Giltner W55-48
  19. 2015-Crawford W44-30,Stuart W60-51, Wynot W44-39
  20. 2016-Wauneta-Palisade W46-21, Wynot L46-56, Sandhills/Thedford W55-36
  21. 2017-Potter-Dix W45-23, Exeter-Milligan W45-26, Wynot W48-36