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Scholarship Deadlines

Read each of these to see if you are eligible for this scholarship. If you are eligible, you can download the form, go to the website or see Fr. Oldham for hardcopies or have the forms emailed to you (if available in Word).

Click on the scholarship name to go to a description of the scholarship or click on a .pdf image to download the application. Some are fillable forms (which can be filled in and saved), but some others are not.


(Please see Guidance Office for information and applications)

Due Date Name of Scholarship Requirements Website
Due in January & February
January 15, 2016 Elks Nat. Most Valuable Student 4 year colleges www.elks.org
January 15, 2016 Elks Club Scholarships (multiple) --- www.elks.org
January 15, 2016 Board of Trustees Scholarship Chadron, Peru, or Wayne State College ---
January 31, 2016 Acacia Fraternity scholarship Male attending UNL ---
February 1, 2016 Grow Leaders Ag Ag Majors www.FFA.org/scholarships
February 14, 2017 Nebraska Press Association Journalism Major Pick up application in Counselor's Office
Feb. 19, 2016 Nebraska Press Journalism Scholarship Journalism Major ---
NYA American Legion Auxiliary (local) --- ---
Due in March
March 1, 2017 Independent Insurance Agents Foundation Scholarships Business-related Major Pick up application in Counselor's Office
March 1, 2016 Chet Linder Academics participation in activities ---
March 1, 2016 Susan Buffet Need based-Nebraska www.buffettscholarships.org
March 1, 2016 Engebretson Foundation 28 or higher on ACT, 3.75 GPA www.engebretsonfoundation.org/
March 15, 2017 Edwin Towle (Sentco Scholarship Form) - LOCAL Have a 245 or 883 landline phone www.sentco.net
March 15, 2017 SENCA Scholarship --- ---
March 17, 2017 Knight of Columbus-SACRED HEART Child of a Knight or a member of Knights. 2 or 4 year college
March 18, 2016 Tanner Merz Scholarship-SACRED HEART SACRED HEART STUDENT WILL WIN ---
March 18, 2016 Falls City Fire Department Brief Essay See Fr. Oldham
March 20, 2017 Falls City Rotary Club-LOCAL Must be attending a 4 year college. Academic based. ---
March 22, 2017 Dale and Eillen Heineman-LOCAL Health care major ---
March 31, 2015 Nebraska Legal Professionals Law or legal support degree ---
March 31, 2015 Nebraska Society of Mayflower Descendants Do not need to be a Mayflower descendent.Essay required ---
NYA Lincoln Builders Bureau Must be a dependent of a Lincoln Builders Bureau Employee ---
NYA Gus Swanson Communications Scholarship Degree in advertising or marketing swansonrussell.com/scholarship
NYA Gus P. Scholz Scholarship-SACRED HEART Sponsored by First National Bank --- ---
NYA Nebraska Associate for the Gifted Make a video, draw a picture, write essay on the given topic ---
NYA Richardson Co. Bank Centennial-LOCAL Business or Ag major (one scholarship each) --
NYA Arbruster Motor-LOCAL Both 4-year and 2-year colleges. (one scholarship each) ---
NYA Community Medical Center-LOCAL Healthcare major ---
NYA NE School Counselor Association Essay (see application) --- www.Nebraskansforpeace.org
NYA NYA Nebraskans for Peace Essay (see application) 1 in our congress district ---
Due in April
April 15, 2016 James Cox Foundation Need based ---
April 18, 2017 Rod and Jan Vandeberg -SACRED HEART Variety of factors considered, especially character and need ---
April 18, 2017 St. John Bosco Award-SACRED HEART Academics, Leadership and Service, Character, Essay ---
April 21, 2017 Vietnam Veterans Children, grandchildren, orphans and widows of Vietnam veterans ---
April 21, 2017 Nolte/Fritz Scholarship-SACRED HEART Character, citizenship, financial need ---
April 17, 2015 NCA-Lincoln Country Inn & Suites Scholarship Award Program --- http://www.ncacoach.org/lincolninnsuites.php
NYA Lions Club-Local non 4-year colleges ---
NYA Retired School Personnel Education Majors ---
NYA Pee Wee Erwin Scholarship-Local Music major or minor ---
NYA Mina Stalder-Local Art, music, theater or dance majors ---
Due in May
Due in June
June 1,2017 Falls City Jaycees-Local Leadership and Community Involvement ---
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