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Sacred Heart of Jesus

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A family educating heart, mind, body
and spirit for this life and the next.

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Sacred Heart School Tuition and Fee Information


Per Child $900.00

Book Materials Fee

Kindergarten - 6th Grade
7th Grade $150.00
8th Grade $150.00
High School Varies* $150.00-$280
*Lab Fees, Activity Fees, Computer, Special Materials Dependant upon the classes the student is taking
  1. Because of the current economic pressures, we must insist that all past due tuition accounts from 2015-2016 must be settled before the 2016-17 school year begins.

    Families with unpaid tuition balances from previous years will be required to arrange for automatic electronic transfers from their bank to the Sacred Heart Tuition Account. The frequency and amount of the transfer is to be determined and arranged with Cathy O'Grady before the school year begins.

    Families that have no unpaid balance from previous years are encouraged to pay the full tuition (or as much possible on or by the first day of school.) A minimum fee of $100 per child is required if the full amount is not/cannot be paid.

    Exceptions to this new policy for payment will be granted on condition that the parents meet with Fr. Dunavan or Cathy O'Grady and work out in writing a specific contract for a regular payment plan. Experience has taught us that families that make small, frequent, and regular payments are most successful in paying their tuition bills. We ask that tuition be treated as a bill, not a donation. Sacred Heart wants to be included in a family's monthly bill payment plan, just as we pay utilities, cell phone, house loans, auto loans etc.

  2. Tuition assistance is available through the Sacred Heart Godparent Program. To receive assistance, families must make formal application for assistance. Assistance is granted on the basis of financial need, number of children in school and record of voluntarism and donation of services to the school. Godparent application forms are available in the school office and are due no later than March 15, for the current school year.

  3. It is the policy of the Diocese of Lincoln and Sacred Heart School that no Catholic child shall be deprived of a Catholic education because of a family's lack of funds. This does not mean that a Catholic education is free. It does mean that after a family has done its very best, financial help can and should be given. This presupposes communication and dialogue between the family and the school and/or pastor.

  4. The average annual cost to educate each child at Sacred Heart is just over $7,000. Given Sacred Heart's low tuition, this means that over $6,000 is being granted to each student attending Sacred Heart. The $6,000 comes from
    • The assessments to the five supporting Catholic parishes,
    • The Sacred Heart Endowment Fund,
    • The Sacred Heart Booster Club,
    • Sacred Heart Home & School Association
    • Campaign Renew 125
    • The Shamrock Fund.
  5. THE SHAMROCK FUND Does it still exist after Renew l25?

    The answer is "Yes"! The Shamrock Fund still exists. It is still a depository to receive voluntary donations from parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of Sacred Heart. Shamrock dollars are gifts to Sacred Heart.

    To those of you who made pledges during the Project Renew 125 Campaign, Sacred Heart thanks you and is grateful each time you make a payment toward your pledge. If you chose not to make a pledge to Renew 125, we invite you to voluntarily give 'some extra' to Sacred Heart via the Shamrock Fund during the new school year. Thank you in advance for your help. Every dollar counts and helps.

A new school year is always an exciting time, a new adventure. We are grateful for your confidence in our school, in our staff and school community. Our pledge to you is to do our very best to provide an education for your children that is a spirit-filled preparation for this life and the next.

Fr. Thomas Dunavan
Chief Administrative Officer
Sacred Heart School Council