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Sacred Heart After School Daycare

Sue Ebel
Cell: 402.245.7416

Daycare Hours and Operation

Daycare will begin immediately when school is out for the day. The daycare will be held in the First Grade room. Your child will need to be picked up by 5:30. When we do not have school there will be no daycare. We will NOT have after school daycare if we get out early for snow. We will be at school only until parents can make arrangements for the child to be picked up. When we get out of school early for teachers meetings there will be after school daycare. (A couple of high school girls will be asked to cover until our meeting is over). Once you have enrolled your child in after school daycare, your child will be expected everyday unless you have given us a schedule, note or phone call. If we are dismissed from school because of ball games we will make that call when the situation arises. A note will be sent home to let parents know of our plans.


You will be charged from 3:00pm until your child is picked up. The rate will be $2 for each child per hour.  A dollar a minute will be charged for any pick-up after 5:30pm.


You will be able to set the date on which you want to pay. You may pay weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.


  1. Your child may bring a snack but will sit down to eat and drink it and there will be no running around. No snacks will be provided.
  2. If your child has homework he/she will be expected to do homework until it is finished or until picked up. We will be available to help. The computers will also be available for homework.
  3. Before your child leaves he/she will be expected to pick up or put away whatever they may have out at the time.
  4. We will have regular classroom rules. For example, no running inside, no yelling, no throwing things, etc.
  5. When the weather is nice we will go outside and regular playground rules will be enforced. There will be no rock throwing, no climbing on the play house, no jumping from the swings, etc.
  6. Your child must check in after school with the teacher. The teacher should not have to go find the child. When the child leaves the parent will need to sign the child out.