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Sacred Heart School SCRIP

SCRIP is Fundraising While You Shop!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is simply a term that means “substitute money.” Scrip fundraising is a NO-SELLING program that allows families to raise money for their school by using gift cards (scrip) to pay for everyday purchases.

How does it work?

Families order gift cards from their school and pay face value. Then, the school orders the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center for less than face value (based on the discount given by the retailer.) The school keeps the difference (rebate) as the means of the fundraiser.

What cards are available? Can they be used at local businesses?

Gift cards are available for almost every “popular” nationwide retailer/restaurant frequented by most families including several businesses in the Falls City area such as Shopko, RadioShack, Subway, & Pizza Hut. Local retailers can and will also be added to the school’s scrip program.

What does a family have to do to buy cards?

There are two main ways families can purchase their scrip cards: 1) paper order form 2) registering at www.shopwithscrip.com and ordering online. The advantage to being signed up online is the ability to use the ScripNow and Reload options (instant download eCards). Either way, families can purchase their cards by cash or check. Families taking advantage of shopwithscrip have the option to use PrestoPay, which is just like using paypal or a debit card. All plastic cards ordered will be shipped to the school while ScripNow cards and Reloadable cards are instant downloads and can be printed from anywhere.

How often will cards be ordered? Will the school have cards on hand for purchase?

The school will be on a regular schedule of ordering cards once a week. Currently the plan is to place the order on Mondays by noon. The typical turnaround is three days. If cards are ordered Monday, they should arrive Wednesday. The purpose of keeping the number of total orders (all family’s orders combined) to a minimum is the fact that the only charge to the school is the shipping of the cards. Therefore, the fewer number of shipments means a larger profit margin for the school. The school will always have a few cards on hand in the office, but this will be a very minimal amount to a very small number of merchants so that the fundraising profit isn’t kept tied up in inventory. Planning ahead and taking advantage of the ScripNow program are the answers to always having access to the needed scrip card. Special orders can be submitted for large quantities.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more visit www.shopwithscrip.com or www.glscrip.com.

Setting up a Family SCRIP Account

  • Go to www.shopwithscrip.com. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT in the green box labeled FAMILY SIGN UP NOW. Simply fill out the registration form and submit.
  • At some point the Sacred Heart Enrollment code will need to be entered to link the family account with the school. This code is 8BEDAA9135284.
  • To explore what cards are available click on the SHOP link. Browse by categories, search for brands, or open the PDF file that lists the cards.

Placing An Order

  • Once a family is signed up online, placing an order is simple. Click on Shop. Select the items wished to be purchased. Add to cart. Orders can be purchased by paying Sacred Heart Scrip with cash or check or through the family’s established PrestoPay account.
  • To be able to purchase ScripNow or to Reload cards the family must be signed up with PRESTOPAY, which will automatically debit the purchase total from the family’s bank account which has been securely set up with GLSCRIP. This does take at least 2 days to set up as GLSCRIP verifies the account belongs to the family by depositing two small amounts in the account. The family then verifies the amounts and receives and activation code which allows the school’s scrip coordinator to activate the account. All of these steps are done to add an extra layer of security for the families.
  • ScripNow is an eCard version that allows families to purchase the available scrip cards online and instantly download them. These eCards can be printed for personal use or even emailed as gifts.
  • Reload allows certain cards to be automatically reloaded with money. This is a great way to provide funds to kids while they are away from home and need money.
  • For those not comfortable with placing an order online, a paper form is available. They are available in the school office.

For more information visit www.shopwithscrip.com or www.glscrip.com.
Preprinted information is also available in the school office.

SCRIP Updates

  • Regular Scrip order schedule will resume on Monday, January 7. Orders are due in the Sacred Heart office, with payment, by noon on Monday to be included in the week’s order.
  • Families signed up online with Presto Pay may continue to order ScripNow and card reloads throughout the Christmas vacation.
  • ScripNow e-cards can be sent to any valid email address and can be scheduled in advance. ScripNow cards paid with Presto Pay are available to print or email within minutes. ScripNow cards paid with check/cash will be released to print or email with regularly scheduled orders. (Mondays at noon.)

Reloadable Cards

  • Original gift card must be purchased through Scrip and must have been purchased after the date specified by each merchant upon choosing reload option.
  • Families must be registered online with shopwithscrip.com and have a valid email address to use the reload option.
  • Current list of reloadable cards can be found at shopwithscrip.com, click on SHOP button at the top of the page, then click the RELOAD icon.
  • The following is a partial list of reloadable cards:
    Aeropostale JCPenney Jiffy Lube
    AMC Theaters Banana Republic/Old Navy/Gap BP
    Bath & Body Works Buffalo Wild Wings CVS
    Burger King Hallmark Lowe’s
    Dominos Pizza Starbucks Target
    Comfort Inn/Suites Clarion Hotels Hyatt Hotels